Expert Consultation on Child Online Safety in India, April 8–9, 2016

CCDS participated in a two-day ‘Expert Consultation on Child Online Safety in India’, organized by UNICEF and held in Delhi on April 8–9, 2016. The consultation offered an opportunity to explore the child online safety ecosystem in India and provided a platform to discuss gaps, challenges and opportunities and recommend actions to strengthen the safety and security of the digital environment for children, particularly those from low-income and marginalised families. A member of the research team made a presentation titled ‘Towards Digital Inclusion- Barriers to Internet Access for Economically and Socially-Excluded Urban Communities’ as a part of the panel on Digital Literacy, Skills and Citizenship. A report based on the Consultation, ‘Child Online Safety Report’, was released by UNICEF in September 2016, that also carried citations and reference to the research study.