Digital Exclusion

By end-2016, almost 400 million Indians had internet connections (TRAI). What is the quality of their access to internet, and what are the barriers to access for the other 900 million?
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Caste concerns in landmark e-governance projects

Many e-governance programmes in developing countries reach into the furthest regions of the rural countryside. These programmes intend to bring governance services, via digital means, to citizens who have little access to modern governance mechanisms. This technology...

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Ambivalent internet: Freedoms and fears

The internet is not a gender-neutral space. Women from patriarchal backgrounds especially need to be empowered to negotiate the sexism and misogyny they encounter online The internet is a virtually-lived reality which is here to stay. We owe a lot of our interactions,...

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The gendered internet

She was always a homemaker, keeping her home clean and family happy. Spoke Telugu and a smattering of English. When her sons were ready to leave home, they set up a Facebook account for her. Over the months and then years, she became an avid user of social media. She...

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